Monday, September 23, 2019

Interpersonal Relationship with Boss Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Interpersonal Relationship with Boss - Assignment Example This research tells that the biggest current pressure that Dr. Khalifa was going through is in responding to regulatory compliance issues within his campuses that are below the required student-employment rates. He also suggested that he is under pressure in reducing expenses religion wide. Outside his working condition, he told me that he is passionate about cycling and reading. Dr. Khalifa said that he enjoyed reading but could not cycle due to health problems. He has expertise in the medical sector as a medical doctor and had practiced it in the Middle East. He concurred to this and added that he is also an expert in computer repair and global finance activities. With a lot of care in delivering the lack of expertise to Dr. Khalifa, I suggested that he lacked people skills which he gladly accepted and said that he needed to work on his approach with people. Growth which entails quality and integrity was the vision for the organization according to my assessment. In spite of this, he added it was the same vision region-wide. My assessment revealed that He would be very angered if his subordinates did not follow his specific rules. He added that his disappointment would be felt if someone lied to him. Dr. Khalifa expects me to handle small issues that arose on my own. On the contrary, when major problems occur, he expects me to be as thorough and transparent in explaining to him the problem matter as well as involving him in the solution aspect of it. This should be documented to his satisfaction. In matters of compromise, he said he has zero tolerance for dishonesty and lack of integrity. He added that he will not tolerate being blindsided. He said that he has always had the fear of being segregated in important communication. A great day at work was one that was productive in driving results. Although my assessment was not ruled out, he added that he preferred that every day ends with a learning opportunity to better at what we do. I however disagreed with h is responses as his actions/ behavior differed with his answer.

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